Meet the Team

We are an Esports and card game organization currently competing in Shadowverse. We are also  an officially recognized Shadowverse team by Cygames Esports that is striving to compete at the highest level, improve  our own members, and teach others along the way.  Team Dawnbreakers was founded on October 17th, 2017.

Here you can find out more about our players and learn how to get in touch with them!



Praetorian is not only the best Bulgarian player in the entire game, but also one of the most consistent European players that Shadowverse has ever seen. Praetorian has been able to reach the Contenders Cup Regional Invitational tournament not once, but twice! That is two years in a row of performance at the highest echelon. His computerlike approach to the game not only led him to strong performances as an individual, but also as a teammate and leader on the team. His contributions lead to multiple team league tops and titles, along with elevating his teammates to where they have never gone before.


Momojelly started her journey as an aspiring competitor back in Darkness Evolved, but eventually found her way into casting for the Shadowverse Open. She strives to be the biggest positive impact on the community she can, through leading the Dawnbreakers team and supporting various community events through collaboration and assisting in casting. But don’t let her achievements as a caster fool you as this aggro blood aficionado can also be found on the battlefield of SVO West so watch out for a lineup you have never faced before!


Lawbringer is one of the original members of the Dawnbreakers team. Most influential in his team oriented leadership and galvanization of the organization into one of the world’s top Shadowverse teams. Starting in the original release, he began his journey as a casual memer who one day decided to step into the competitive scene. What followed was events that he could never imagine would come true. Along with being one of the team’s cultural rocks (and butt of many jokes), Lawbringer is always willing to make sacrifices in the name of his teammates and help elevate them to places they have never gone before.

Shadowverse WEST


Coming out of Washington state USA, this legendary player holds his claim as the best Mormon Shadowverse player of all time. Getting his first exposure to card games through Yu-Gi-Oh, and working his way into competing in the nationals, he decided that Shadowverse would be his new game. Starting in 2017 with Tempest of the Gods, a string of several tournament tops resulted in Trickster joining the Dawnbreakers family. In 2018, Trickster was able to make top eight in every season, netting him the second place overall points.


From Day 1 when Shadowverse went from beta to live version, he knew this was a game he would play forever.  Known for his questionable deckbuilding and his liking for wacky cards, a hard worker for the team that pushes everyone to strike for greatness. With a top 8 finish in January 2020’s SVO Cup, he strives to not only add another top 8 finish under his belt but take home the gold in his shadowverse career.


Darkness Evolved was when this legend started playing the game since he was familiar with the RoB characters which made him fall in love with the anime art style. He wanted to branch off into a new card game but no one played tcgs where he lived. When one of his close friends introduced Shadowverse to him, he instantly liked it. Currently, he has only gotten 3rd place during the 2018 July SVO featuring Lindwurm, a card considered a meme at that point but don’t let the lack of placements fool you because he is always waiting for his chance to prevail.


Clever started playing in 2018 when Dawnbreak Nightedge was released, growing to enjoy the game, especially when he began to play competitively due to Shadowverse expanding their prize pooling.

The friends Clever has made in the team and the community are his main motivation for playing, alongside competing for a coveted top 8 spot in SVO, which he hopes to win by playing some of his favourite decks.


The lone frenchman on the team, Petrus aims to represent the high performing country and the Dawnbreaker name all at once. Starting early on in Darkness Evolved, he only began taking competitive play seriously in 2019, which lead him to making huge tops in both July and August, and eventually ended up in the top 15 for European players in the overall yearlong standings. His edgy humor disguises his passion for aiming for the top, along with supporting his fellow teammates as best he can.


Sairento is often the butt of slav jokes, as can be seen… yet this jokester is far from a joke in game. This Ukrainian first joined DB in 2018 after playing casually with the Russian community. Strings of strong performances in SVO along with utter domination of the pauper format tournaments, the Dawnbreakers had to add him to their team for his unorthodox approaches.


Pande, short for Pandemonia, is the lone Brit on the team. Starting in 2016 with Rise of Bahamut, this player is certainly not as sweet as biscuits and tea on the battlefield. Pande was able to top the 2019 June SVO, and hopes to do all she can to support her teammates and reach the WGP.


Elcarim began playing Shadowverse in the summer of 2020 months before the release of Fortune’s Hand. After taking a break in the latter half of the year, he decided to pick up the game again in 2021, excited with the announcement of SVO. Despite being the newest addition to the team, he hopes to one day attend an offline event such as Contenders Cup or World Grand Prix in order to compete against the best. He may not be the most talkative person but he prefers when his gameplay does the talking for him. His advice would be to remember that rather than missing lethal, there are times when it’s just extended BM.

Shadowverse SEAO


This passionate soul is the manager for DB’s esteemed South East Asia Shadowverse roster. Taking up the mantle as being the team’s representative for Malaysia, he has taken great pride in his performances, landing in the top 16 of the Singapore Shadowverse World Circuit LAN, along with strings of SVO tops. His quirky personality doesn’t hamper his ability to rally his regional squad into powerful performances, helping ensure that one of his fellow members reached all the way to the 2019 World Championships. His final goal is to one day reach the World Grand Prix for Shadowverse, and prove that he can go from a washed up Vanguard player to a Shadowverse Champion.


One of the oldest members of the Dawnbreakers SEAO squad is Meladog from the Phillipines. Joining DB in 2018, Meladog wanted to go as far as he could in the game he loves. Racking up a reputation as a dedicated player, Mela has had numerous top placements over the years, along with high tournament placements in international team leagues with DB. Even though he has countless experience in each craft of the game, Mela has always gravitated towards Dragoncraft, with his favorite deck being Tilting at the Windmills Dragoncraft. If you come across this old soul, don’t think you can slack off! 


Bene showed promise in the early stages of the SEAO 2019 season leading him to joining Dawnbreakers Esports. After a succession of strong tournament runs, he eventually qualified for the Singapore Contenders Cup and emerged victorious, earning himself a slot in the World Grand Prix 2019 in Japan. 


Tempest, Team Dawnbreakers Singaporean portalcraft lover has been a multi year veteran who first got his exposure from placing 3rd in the Altersphere release. His most recent achievement was winning the April SVO and he looks forward to both putting his all into reaching the WGP and providing the team with quality laughs.


Honeyhill is a new addition to the Dawnbreakers South East Asia division, but is certainly not a newcomer to the game. Starting in Starforged Legends, Honeyhill was only a casual for years until he finally decided to gear up and take his shot at the world championship. When he isn’t endlessly training to be the future GOAT of SV, Honeyhill dabbles in illustrative artistry. Watch out for this new Indonesian fighter!


Myrion may be a new addition to the team, but he’s an experienced player that has been playing Shadowverse ever since the original release. Playing out of Malaysia, this longtime Vanguard teammate of Crisome’s is also stepping up to the Shadowverse plate. He hopes to replicate his success in other card games in Shadowverse, and help his teammates the best he can. Watch out for this new name!


Suya has been playing Shadowverse since Altersphere.
The card art and voicelines is what he enjoys about Shadowverse the most and what keeps him interested.
After years playing casually, he decided that he wanted to play and win against strong players and joined the team on April 2021.
Reaching to the playoff of July SVO was his first achievement.


Pabs is a player from the Philippines that has experience with many card games. He was first known in a browser based card game named Urban Rivals under the name Icarus before he transitioned to CCGs particularly Hearthstone and eventually Shadowverse. Pabs started playing Shadowverse during Rage of Bahamut at a casual level before he started competing in 2019 and managed to finish Top 8 at March SVO SEAO 2019 and Top 4 at March SVO SEAO 2020. His favorite deck of all time is Ambush Sword despite Rune and Haven being his most played classes and he still plays a lot of Take Two until today.

Joining Dawnbreakers at February 2021, Pabs pursues to be a stronger player as he grows with the team and aims to be on par with the best in Shadowverse


Karakiri started playing all the way back in Tempest of the Gods, just before Wonderland Dreams came out.
He joined DB in August 2020 and since then he has topped svo twice: in May 2021 and in July 2021. Kara enjoys playing
decks that are trying to survive the earlygame and have a powerful win condition in the late game: such as Giant Chimera Rune.
Karakiri is very well respected in the Thai Shadowverse community and often participates in their community tournaments.
His goal is to win SVO at least once.

Former Members


Zhiff, the card collector and country hopper between Singapore and Indonesia, started playing Shadowverse in Tempest of the Gods. In 2019 this up and comer was able to score in the Top 4 for SEAO in season points which qualified him for the Singapore Contenders Cup. One of the biggest factors leading to this was due to a March SVO 1st place finish. His favorite deck is Holy Lion Havencraft and he loves dabbling in fun unlimited decks. His goal is to outdo his 2019 performance and become the next world champion.


As the powerhouse from Argentina, Blum is on the forefront of farming community tournaments with many tops in minor tournaments that would make many think that the prizes are just reserved for him.  The mid range adept also holds down the fort in team tournaments for the Dawnbreakers roster, winning Squad Up Season 3 alongside teammates Nitro and Meladog. Blum additionally placed first in the JSV Team League as the designated unlimited player for DB. His goal is to build his own harem with his Shadowverse conquests. 


One of the most courageous and indisputable best players in Shadowverse, with multiple top 8 finishes in his competitive career.  Generally gets top 8 with creative anti-meta decks like mechforest and dirt rune, we anticipate that he will be using this strength to carve his path to contenders and with the World Grand Prix this year. The only thing holding him back is “The sheer amount of modesty he has developed over the years” (Raindrop 2020). “You have to keep this quote lol”