• Deckbuilding pitfalls
    By DB Praetorian I’ve seen my fair share of weird decklists over the years but instead of just meming about it I decided to try and make something potentially useful and go over some common mistakes I see in people’s deckbuilding.  Deckbuilding requires a different skill set. […]
  • Top ten reasons why Shadowverse is the best game
    by DB Honeyhill Shadowverse was first released on June 17 2016. By this moment, the game has already had their 5th Anniversary! YAY! *insert cheerful emote here*. Shadowverse has also received some attentions this year because of the collaboration event “Buddy System All Stars”. With these events […]
  • My wishlist for the new expansion
    By DB Rasputin So I don’t play the switch game so we’re gonna do some top tier totally not lazy rushed content. This is yo boi too lazy to hit GM Nitro OnlyFans. Am currently in the middle of a move IRL so here is my last […]
  • The most important ranking in Shadowverse you’ll ever need
    by DB Tempest Okay so hear me out, everyone has their own list of favourite waifus and leaders in Shadowverse (Filene is perfect). But no one remembers the guys. No one remembers the husbandos. That’s what I’m here for, to celebrate their manliness/handsomeness in the most heterosexual […]
  • The Evolution of My Favorite Characters in Rotation
    By DB Nitro Over the years, Shadowverse has introduced many different characters that we have come to enjoy to this very day. Ranging from interesting and grand monsters to the loveable waifus that could be found in every class, the game variety is truly remarkable to say […]
  • Meta Report
    by DB Crisome With the new mini expansion, the meta has seen some change in the past week with new cards being added. This article will explore the tier list of this meta and a short summary of each deck. S A B C S – The […]
  • Rating the New Mini Expansion Cards
    by DB Shinkai The scale This review will be my personal opinion on the new cards in the current rotation meta using a 1-5 rating scale with: 1 being completely useless or not worth running at all 2 being just below average in terms of value or […]
  • Free to Play Guide
    by DB Suya Hello, I am Suya. I am one of the newest members in Team Dawnbreakers, SEAO Division. I am going to show you a free to play guide for everyone who just started playing Shadowverse.  It is quite hard for someone who just started playing […]
  • The Keyword Dictionary
    by DB Momojelly Welcome to the Shadowverse Keyword Dictionary. In this dictionary, I’ve listed out keywords in Shadowverse, defined them as the game does, and provided helpful information regarding the keyword to explain how cards with the keyword may perform in the game. I’ve also included here […]
  • Manaria Rune Deck Overview
    by DB Elcarim I. Introduction With the release of Darkness Over Vellsar came two very important cards in Anne Mysterian Imperatrix and Grea Scorching Fury. These two cards not only provide a reliable win condition via token generation i.e Rending Blast and Resentful Blaze, but also provide […]
  • Who voices the most cards in Shadowverse?
    Hello everyone I am Karakiri. I am one of the members in the SEAO division of team Dawnbreakers. Today I will present the most weeb article since this site has been created. That is 10 ranking seiyuus who voice the most number of cards in Shadowverse.At first, […]
  • Mono is love, Mono is life
    Hello, everyone, Myrion here. I am one of the members in the SEAO division of team Dawnbreakers. Looking back at the past year of playing Shadowverse competitively (and failing miserably at it kekw), it was quite a unique experience, transitioning from a casual perspective to a more […]
  • That time I thought this would be my year but failed and entered hell instead.
    Here’s a picture of the best girl doing something she loves. Source: pixiv / 冬風まり(fuu) Hi all, I’m Tempest and I would like to share a snippet of my experiences playing Shadowverse in the past year. For the majority of people that don’t know me, just click […]
  • August SVO Deck Summary
    by DB Zhiff In this meta we saw all classes have a viable deck – something that hasn’t happened in a long time! With so many decks being playable maybe you struggle to find which one is the best but fear not, we have some stats that […]
  • Best Cards from Fortune’s Hand
    By Team Dawnbreakers With every new expansion we like to make card reviews for fun. This time we’ve decided to pick one card we think is really good for every class and showcase them here! Keep in mind that those reviews are mostly for fun and they […]
  • Top 10 Most Hated Cards
    An article by DB Praetorian Shadowverse World Uprooted Rotation We’re right before a new set so let’s take a look at what’s fun and what’s not and hopefully we get less of these cards in the future… Of course this list is very subjective, let me know […]
  • World Uprooted Tierlist
  • Paradigm Shift Portalcraft
    A guide by DB Zhiff. Portal was one of the decks that got discovered later since it didn’t use Al Machina but once people learned how to build and play it it quickly became a top tier deck. Introduction Artifact – Paradigm Shift Portal is a new […]
  • Machina Bloodcraft
    A guide by DB Crisome. Machina blood quickly became popular after the nerfs for discard dragon and mechforest and has stayed at the top for a long time. It is no surprise that mech blood is one of the best decks in the format right now. Before […]
  • Spellboost Runecraft
    A guide by DB Honeyhill. Spellboost has been a relevant deck ever since Kuon was released and it got some new support with Daria in the new set. Introduction Spellboost has been popular because of Kuon, Founder of Onmyodo. A powerful card that can overwhelm your enemies […]
  • Machina Forestcraft
    A guide by DB Praetorian. Machina forest was the strongest deck at the start of the expansion but slightly fell out of favour after some quick nerfs. Gameplan: There are 2 gameplans with mechforest, either you go all-in early and try to kill your opponent with your […]
  • Ginsetsu Shadowcraft
    A guide by DB Tempest. Shadowcraft was a very strong deck at the start of Ultimate Colosseum but has fallen out of favor somewhat. Is it possible to make ginsetsu work with some of the new card? This is not my list I took it from a […]
  • Site Launch
    This day marks the beginning of the official Dawnbreakers website! We are an Esports and card game organization currently competing in Shadowverse. We are also  an officially recognized Shadowverse team by Cygames Esports that is striving to compete at the highest level, improve  our own members, and […]