Free to Play Guide

by DB Suya

Hello, I am Suya. I am one of the newest members in Team Dawnbreakers, SEAO Division. I am going to show you a free to play guide for everyone who just started playing Shadowverse.

 It is quite hard for someone who just started playing to instantly create a deck. For beginners, you want to create a strong deck first before creating other kinds of decks. Liquefy every other card beside the cards you will use in the future. It is best to analyze some decks you will create later to avoid liquefying useful cards . Another strategy you can use is to never liquefy all the powerful cards in case they get nerfed – then you can get full vials from them! Once you finish creating a deck you are ready to play in the ladder or non – ladder.

There are several ways to obtain cards

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  • Creating cards

You can create cards in the cards section or in your decks. It costs vials to create a card, liquefy cards or get it on events to obtain vials. There are also vials from the story mode.

  • Buying packs in the Buy Packs section.

It is not guaranteed to obtain cards as you wanted in this section, but it gives you a lot of cards which can be useful for you either you use it, collect it, or liquefy it. Make sure to always buy the top 5 sets to focus on playing the rotation format. To buy 1 pack, we need to consume 1 ticket or 100 rupies. There are various ways to get these items. Graphical user interface, website

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  • Story

You will get rupies and different rewards from the story as you progress it.

  • Daily Missions

By finishing each mission, you will get rewarded accordingly. Each mission will reset every 22 hours once it is cleared. If you tick the “Solo Player Missions” you will get non-multiplayer missions. This is recommended for beginners to tick it to avoid wasting time and easily lose in the ladder. Keep in mind that you will get less rupies for going these!

  • Achievement 

There are lots of rupies coming from achievement. Farming rupies by clearing achievements will reward you with rupies greatly.

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  • Arena

Cygames schedules Grand Prix frequently on specific dates. The Grand Prix is divided into 3 stages (stage 1, stage 2, and final stage) and 2 Groups (Group A and Group B). When grand Prix is held, there will be 1 free entry every dayGraphical user interface, website

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The reward from grandprix/arena accumulates with each match you win. If you are confident to win, you can re-enter the grandprix by spending 150 rupies and get more value than what you spent.

For 4 wins you get 100+ rupies and a pack and for 5 wins you get 200+ rupies and a pack so you can go infinite if you only get 5 wins. Even with 4 wins you get your investment back.

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  • Take Two and Open 6

Take Two is a format where you pick 1 out of 3 craft and randomly pick 2 cards each until you reach 30 cards to play.

Entering Open 6 lets you pick 1 out of 3 craft and open 6 packs (2 from the newest set and 4 others each). Winning 4 matches lets you keep a gold phantom card and winning all 5 matches lets you keep either a legend or gold card. Open 6 also allows you to keep all cards you got from packs.

Both require the same ticket. Both formats are the same as Grand Prix. You can play both to complete your achievement. To gain more cards, it is recommended to enter “Open 6” rather than “Take Two”. 

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  • Temporary Cards

Trading a temporary card with 3500 temporary gems will give you 1 temporary legend card. Only 1 legend card is possible to be traded for each kind of card. You will get 400 temporary gems every day as a daily mission. You also get a small amount of gems with every win.

Overall Shadowverse is not the most generous CCG but it’s also not the most difficult in terms of collecting cards without spending money. If you are willing to put in the time you can get a decent collection of cards without spending any money.

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