August SVO Deck Summary

by DB Zhiff

In this meta we saw all classes have a viable deck – something that hasn’t happened in a long time! With so many decks being playable maybe you struggle to find which one is the best but fear not, we have some stats that could help you!
Here are the most popular decks that players brought to the Shadowverse Open:

First was SVO WEST in which Dirt was the most popular deck with 60% of all players having it in their lineup. Shadow was another obvious pick but we also had some “new” decks show up – Elana and Roach.

SEAO wasn’t much different and we can see the same decks in the 10 most popular slots with some minor differences in their order. Players in this region seem to favor Discard Dragon and Sword more while Control Blood and Terror Forest are less popular than they were in WEST.

You can find the full documents with some other interesting stats here:
WEST Stats
SEAO Stats

Site Launch

This day marks the beginning of the official Dawnbreakers website!

We are an Esports and card game organization currently competing in Shadowverse. We are also  an officially recognized Shadowverse team by Cygames Esports that is striving to compete at the highest level, improve  our own members, and teach others along the way.  Team Dawnbreakers was founded on October 17th, 2017.

On this website you can find information about our players, how to get in touch with us and Shadowverse-related content such as deck guides and tierlists.

Whether you are new to the competitive card game scenes, or a seasoned veteran, we hope you enjoy your stay here and that we can be of assistance to you in your pursuits!