Machina Bloodcraft

A guide by DB Crisome.

Machina blood quickly became popular after the nerfs for discard dragon and mechforest and has stayed at the top for a long time.

It is no surprise that mech blood is one of the best decks in the format right now. Before Mech Forest and Discard Dragon got nerf, this version of mech blood was already popular and winning games in most ladder and now with the disappearance of turn 5 or 6  Damian/Al’Machinus or Nuke damage from Discard Dragon, mech blood’s late game is more viable as their survivability to reach turn 7 Al’Machinus to set up insane board or lethal is much more possible compare to pre-nerf. As mentioned, the main game plan is to hit turn 7 Al’Machinus to set up a powerful board on the same turn u played Al’Machinus or the turn after. At first glance, the deck might look super bricky but once you understand the use of each card, you will realise the deck is pretty consistent.  I will explain the general use and powerplay for most cards and other tech that u can use. 

The Mech Fodders

These are your not so important mechs to fuse into Al’Machinus. Each of them have their use on  curve. Only Robogoblin is not that great when being pulled by Al’Machinus eff and reduced to 0. Robogoblin is only used as a turn 2 play that guarantees  a fodder for Al’Machinus. You can consider cutting him to 2 to play other tech cards mentioned later but generally Robogoblin is needed to ensure consistent fusion. Hoverboard Mercenary has it’s use after Al’Machinus reduction. You can use her to trigger Nerea’s free evo which is quite good in some situations. A consideration to keep her after tutoring her with Al’Machinus’ effect instead of playing her for a  1|2 that might die. On turn 2, she is a great tutor that allows you to tutor your other mech option but keep in mind you might tutor Mono or Core which is no longer good since you want to tutor these with Al’Machinus effect. Armored Bat is a powerful follower on turn 3 and the turn u reduce it via Al’Machinus. On 3, Armored Bat is an almost guaranteed fodder to trigger Neun’s free evo but this means missing out on your other powerful tutor like Confectioner or Unleash the Nightmare. You can consider this line in a match up where going wide is a huge advantage but in most cases playing the tutor to filter is mostly correct because this deck tends to end game in the late game but you can end it early since mech blood has good early aggression. Armored Bat after Al’Machinus is also good pressure, killing it gives u 2 mech for Mono lethal so with that in mind, it will often be left alone and still do 3 damage with Mono. Cherub is the most important card as a fodder compared to the other 3 because she has the Natura trait. Fusing her alone triggers Al’Machinus’ condition for the 3 cost reduction so keep that in mind when you decide to play her. Ask yourself, do you have a guaranteed method to fuse both traits if you play Cherub? Is it that important to play Cherub that you risk not having nuff traits fused? Can you afford to evo her to give you the Natura trait fodder? Playing Cherub on 2 going first is often a big miss play if they are not careful or even in general. Cherub is an amazing card going 2nd as she can remove your opponents tempo play while being a 1|3 that is hard to remove. This applies both on normal cost and reduced cost. she even has an evo effect that gives you a fodder to replace her.  

The Tutors

These 3 are the most important tutor in the deck. They search out important cards in the deck and are often kept in mulligans regardless who goes first or second. Confectioner is important because she guarantees you 2 of the 3 cards, Cherub, Nightprowl and Al’Machinus. She is your bread and butter to enable your turn 7 Al’Machinus’ turn since she adds a Natura trait and even Al’Machinus himself. Adding Nightprowl is not a big thing since she herself is a Natura that can fuse to Al’Machinus but you will just use her to trigger Nerea. You want to play Confectioner on 3 to thin out your deck. She has a weak body and an awkward cost so you want to play her out as soon as possible to avoid weak plays on your later turns but you can consider playing her on turn 5 in hopes of tutoring Nightprowl, allowing you to play Nightprowl’s crystallize on the same turn. Unleash the Nightmare has been a consistent card in almost every blood deck. This card is another bread and butter as you get 2 random follower and 2 1|1 follower which could be mechs if you’re lucky. This allows you to randomly tutor any card and even if you hit mech cards, you get free mech followers to help with  your mech destroyed count. The question is, on turn 3 do you play Confectioner or Unleash? Honestly both are fine but Unleash does give you the option to tutor out mech and produce mechs that can be used as a fodder for Neun. Confectioner on the other hand allows you to avoid weak play on later turns because Unleash is still a strong play compared to Confectioner. Ultimately it depends on what you need in the game itself. Consider the following, is Unleash on 3 going to push more damage? Is there a necessary play on turn 4-5 which blocks you from play Confectioner? How desperate do you need the cards that Confectioner’s tutor  in this match up?  Are you looking for cards other than Confectioner’s tutor pool? Nightprowl’s main purpose is to trigger Nerea’s free evo. She tutors Natura and is a Natura herself which is very neat since she can self tutor to filter your deck for better draws on later turns. The only bad thing about her is that her follower effect is not that great so getting her with Al’Machinus  might hurt your chances of winning. In that case, you want to play all 3 Nightprowl to avoid that from happening, that is why people often play her on turn 1 even if it is better to save her to trigger Nerea. You can still get her back from her own effect or the other 2 powerful tutor we talked about before. The only consideration for keeping her after Al’Machinus turn is to trigger Nerea but then again you have a 2nd option (0 cost Hoverboard Mercenary) and you can even trigger Nerea on turn 9 with the mentioned tutors above. In general you try to thin out all your Nightprowl because you will only trigger Nerea on turn 6 in most cases but you can consider keeping Nightprowl on later turn if you deem it necessary. 

The Broken Late Game

All five of these cards are your powerful late game cards. They might even be useful in early stages of the game but in late game they are often your win con or your emergency plays to survive.Only 4 of them(Io is not a Mech nor Natura) are Al’Machinus target and you will want to see these cards when you play Al’Machinus. Io is a very powerful card that can deal with early game aggro with her evo eff and even heals you for 3 if she trades. In late game, her Union Burst saves you from big boards or might even give you lethal. Generally you don’t want to play her as a turn 2 tempo, I would rather pass the turn and miss the turn 2 tempo. The reason being is that Io’s value is much more in the late game and even as an emergency card in early game, evoing to avoid being rushed down. Her Union Burst is easy to trigger once you go into your Mono turn as Mono will reduce the Union Burst. Mono is your finisher and your main target that you want out of your Al’Machinus. Nothing much is there to say about her besides you not wanting her in your hand. If you can find 3 Mono with Al’Machinus effect, that’s 18 damage alone with the cost of 5 PP and you can still play other cards with your leftover PP.  You can always mull her away because you only want her from Al’Machinus unless there is a consideration to smorc your opponent early and finish the game on turn 7. Her being a 0 cost card allows so many powerful plays that are related to 2 cards in the same topic, Core and Neun. Mechashot Devil is your main source of destroyed mech count as she generate free storm 1|1 mechs every turn once you evo her on your previous turn. You want to evo her once in the early game to start those mech count and in the late game with Al’Machinus reduction, she is a free 3|3 that gives you back a free evo point. The value of free evo in this deck is really strong, you can evo your Io after playing her Union Burst and you can even trigger the Core. You want to keep her in your mull but only one to trigger her evo effect. Sanguire Core is your emergency card in case you are really behind in health and need so healing to survive the game. Even after using up all your evo points, you can still trigger your Core with Mono, Neun and a free evo point from Mechashot Devil so there is no problem using up your evo to survive the early game. You only want Core as a 0 cost from Al’Machinus effect because healing 10 in the early game is not needed in most cases. Consider Core a brick if you draw it early and a fusion fodder since you won’t use any of its effects in it’s normal cost. Neun is your powerplay maker in this deck. He allows you to go aggressive in the early game, triggers evo for early Io’s Union Burst if you need it, gives you 2 free 1|1 mechs and also makes the scariest board in the current meta game in late game. You will play Neun as 1 cost during the turn you drop Mono or Al’Machinus to create a board full of Mech ward and a +2/2 for all your other mechs. Turning your Al’Machinus and Mono to a 8|8 ward alongside other played mechs. He is your alternative way of winning the game if you can’t finish the game with Mono as his board often wins games as it is hard to remove or it buys you a turn to dig out your last Mono for lethal. 

The Core of the Deck

The reason why the deck is tier 1. You might have noticed I mention Al’Machinus in almost every section, well this card is that important. No Al’Machinus no life, this card is your main boss card to enable all your powerplay. Reducing all your 2pp and 3pp mechs to 0pp, allowing you to play them on the same turn you played Al’Machinus. Al’Machinus can be tutored by the mentioned cards so it is not hard to have it in your hand, consider mulling it away for a better option. Al’Machinus also avoids milling cards from overdrawing as you can fuse him before you end your turn. In general you will fuse 6 or more cards to increase the chance of you hitting Mono or any strong late game cards. You want to play Al’Machinus on turn 7 to apply pressure after your opponent spend their resource killing Nerea on the previous turn or playing it on turn 8 with a 1pp Neun( assuming you hit it) to create a scary board , buying you a turn or even winning the game from there. Is important to play Al’Machinus in any match up, if you don’t plan your game to set him up with good amount of fusion and board, you are playing the deck wrong even with an aggro game plan, you want to have an emergency plan in case you fail to end the game and that plan is winning with Al’Machinus. Nerea is the most powerful powerplay card in this current meta. You want to trigger her on 6 by playing a crystallize Nightprowl on turn 5 but even if you can’t do that, you can still manually evo Nerea. Nerea summons Behemoth, a 4/6 ward that has a powerful clash effect. Consider pre-evoing the Behemoth in the mirror or even in general because a 6/8 is very hard to remove in the current meta and they still need to find a way to kill your Nerea which is a 5/5 and that is not easy to kill as well. Nerea can also be useful in the late game with a Neun board so keep in mind that Nerea works in most stages of the game when you can play her. Keeping her in your Mull depends on your match up. If you need a board clear or a powerplay that might win you the game then you can keep Nerea in your hand. 

Other Viable Options

The deck only has 2 viable changes in my opinion. Vampiric BloodBinder gives you the option to trigger Nerea if she dies and is a cycle on her own but she does not have Natura or Mech traits making her pretty bad after Al’Machinus turn. If you are looking for a stable 2 drop while giving you the option to trigger Nerea more often on turn 6, she is a good consideration. Technolord is a mirror tech. Often, Io is not good enough to kill a Neun board in the late game but Technolord on the other hand is very reliable. In mech blood your destroyed mech count is extremely high, often you can hit more than 15 destroy. The only problem with Technolord is that you might hit him with Al’Machinus instead of your powerplay which might make things awkward. Technolord is also not that great in the early game and might end up being a Al’Machinus fodder. Consider him if you find the mirror being a problem for you in the late game. 

Match ups

Turbo Zeus-favoured 55%

Turbo Zeus might be one of the popular matchup but you are favoured because of your early game aggression option and Dragon way of dealing with Nerea is only with Pleisaurus evo or Cursed Furor. Your game plan is just to go wide but not necessarily giving up your tutor option for Al’Machinus. You don’t have to rush him down too hard, just apply enough pressure so when you play your Al’Machinus turn, you should be able to set up a good double Mono+free Mechshot Devil evo Mech for 15 damage. The only way out for Dragon is often playing their first Zeus into another Zeus with only less than 7 evo. They are forced to play Zues to force you to answer the Zeus and avoiding lethal but that really depends on the Zeus rng so if you got high rolled by 2 Zeus with high storm and ward, is just part of the match up hence why is not super favoured since you can still lose in that manner but if the Dragon player miss even 1 ramp, the game should be highly favoured.

NTR Dragon-50/50
Ntr Dragon difference with Turbo Zeus is that they don’t need to rely on a rng wincon to win the game. Valdain damage is always constant and since is a Dragon deck, ramping will be an issue again for you. Once they ramp up enough to do similar powerplay with Al’Machinus, the game might be very hard to win from there. The plan is to set up Al’Machinus for a power play board with Neun to buy you a turn to lethal him next turn. You can also heal with Core so you won’t die to Valdain’s effect. Similar to Turbo Zeus, you should be highly favoured if they miss ramp but they can deal with Nerea and Behemoth since Valdain has bane. Going wide is also a good option since Ntr Dragon don’t run Genesis Dragon but remember to not over commit and stick to the Al’Machinus game plan. 

Paradigm Shiftfavoured 60%
Paradigm shift matchup differs as it really depends if the Paradigm Shift player knows how to beat Mech blood. It might be 50/50 if Paradigm Shift is able to be aggressive and answer the Nerea board but it will be 70% Favoured the moment u make a evo Nerea with Pre-Evo Behemoth board and they can’t answer that. The way you lose is when P-shift is able to go into their late game plan with Vertex and Modesty lethal. In case you might face that, try making a Neun Board with a 8 defense follower like Mono or Al’Machinus cause most of the time the damage from Vertex is 7. The general game plan is to make a Nerea Board on 6 with Behemoth Pre evo because the only way they deal with Behemoth is using the bane P-shift, evo it and trade or make some crazy Shion buff trade but that is unlikely. Prioritize Nerea turn and the game should be easy from there. 

Control Blood-favoured 60% 

Control Blood only wants to go into the late game and try to win from there, sadly for them we reach our lethal set up earlier then but we can still lose if we do not deal with their Nerea turns since they are more consistent in setting up Nerea. The game becomes very 50/50 the moment they go first with a Nerea+Behemoth pre-evo board because your own Nerea and Behemoth won’t be able to clear that. The game plan is to set up a 8 damage Al’Machinus to remove the Behemoth or at the very least 5 or more to remove Nerea then trade our evo Al’Machinus into their Behemoth. Even going second, we need this game plan and we might consider eating 5 damage from their Nerea as a result of being unable to clear their Nerea. After that the game should be easier and we just need to set up lethal since the way Control Blood wins is either with the 3 damage ping or Zeus. Focus on setting up a way to deal with Nerea while planning your Al’Machinus fusion.

Mech Forest-favoured 65%

This match up requires you to survive the early game damage from Mech forest and maybe heal up with Core. Mech forest has a very weak turn 6 so capitalize on that with going very wide or just make a Nerea board. Mech forest way of winning is smorcing you very low and then winning with a turn 8 damian set up so be wary of that. You can heal with core as mentioned or make a Neun board to avoid that from happening as well. Io is very helpful in this match up so you might consider keeping her for her evo. Avoid pre-evo Behemoth if the Mech Forest hand is pretty big because Cleft can deal with that easily. Prioritize removing the Beatle because that card will give him stat value the longer it stays in the game due to the fact most of our followers are 1 attack including the mech token. In general just avoid dying and the game should be easy. Your plan is just to exhaust his resources but do note you can still die with a lucky double damian so bewaring of that, play wards so u won’t die to that combo. 

Spellboost-50/50, with Kuon Unfavoured 40%, without Kuon favoured 60%
Spellboost is a very powerful board base deck with storms that can cause you to make weak Al’Machinus turn since you have to deal with all their strong turn 5-7 board. Nerea can be easily answered with Embrace and Windblast and the early game aggression you make can also be answered with Kyoka. Generally you still go aggressive but you will still prioritize setting up Al’Machinus and try saving Io for her Union Burst. The key factor of this game is being able to survive the late game, once you reach the late game, spellboost should run out of steam and the game should be easy from there. The mid game for this match up is very bad for mech blood and can even go as far as unfavoured since you don’t have a consistent way to deal with kuon board before turn 7. Technolord might be a consideration but you might not have enough mech destroyed. The other reason why this is not really unfavoured despite the bad mid game is because missing kuon completely changes the match up, without kuon the game is very favoured since you don’t have to worry about the bodies and can just make Al’Machinus board. 

NTR Rune-50/50
Ntr Rune is not as slow as it was anymore, the deck tends to vomit out Riley on turn 7 Consistently thanks to the new Gold.The biggest problem is that Mech blood now wants a turn 7 which is what Ntr rune wants aswell.So to avoid this, mech blood has to be very aggressive in this match up. Going first helps a lot because you can play Neun early. Consider keeping 1 Mono because you might just end the game from there instead of Al’Machinus. This is the few matchups where going for Al’Machinus’ game plan might be very bad unless Riley is not coming down early. Considering just going wide, evoing Mechshot Devil is super important, Nerea board will only help if Riley is not coming on the same turn cause they can just Clash of Heroes on your Behemoth. The match up sounds unfavoured but is really 50/50 because Ntr Rune can’t play their trees optimally if you just keep being aggressive, the only card that save them is pyromancer but that is a 3pp card, means is a total of 4pp including playing the tree again for 1 tree count, slowing down the tree process. The worst thing for mech blood is Stormelemantist spam. That game plan might cause the match up to go south for you. Just focus on killing them as soon as possible and be annoying as possible with going wide. This matchup is pretty hard for both sides.

Control Forest-favoured 60%

The theory that this is unfavoured is not true unless Control forest turbo Roach but that’s super unlikely. The current Control Forest is unable to remove wide boards consistently anymore and has to rely on Gaia to help them out. Without Gaia the game becomes very easy. Just focus on setting up Al’Machinus for a double Mono lethal, no matter how much they heal, they can’t stop storm damage. Try to aim for a OTK kill instead of tempo Mono cause the healing might help them. Just focus on making Nerea Board as well to bait out evo and Gaia cause you can Al’Machinus their Gaia board.

Other decks- favoured 60-65%
I decided to put all the other decks as one group because there is nothing special to play around. Most games are won with Nerea being a big problem for the deck to deal with and with a follow up Al’Machinus. Most shadow and sword deck find Nerea being a problem, just make Nerea and follow up with the Al’Machinus game plan. Mech Elana might have a scary board but Io and Mono can deal with them, just go late game setting up your removal and it should be easy. The general rule of thumb is, set up fusion for Al’Machinus, make Nerea board, make powerplay or set up lethal.


This guide is based on my ladder experience and discussion with the team or outside sources. I believe Mech blood is a must bring deck due to the amount of good matchup and the potential forced ban in many other strat. I hope this guide can help you learn about the deck more and realise it is actually super consistent. 

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