Paradigm Shift Portalcraft

A guide by DB Zhiff.

Portal was one of the decks that got discovered later since it didn’t use Al Machina but once people learned how to build and play it it quickly became a top tier deck.


Artifact – Paradigm Shift Portal is a new archetype of portalcraft that was introduced in World Uprooted Expansion. The era of putting artifacts into deck and tutor has gone. Now you can simply add it to hand or summon them immediately using spells.

This is currently the most versatile deck that is available in rotation format. This deck has all access to any type of utilities and your gameplan will adapt heavily depending on matchups and the initial cards that are available in your hand. This deck can be an aggro-midrange or midrange-control deck depending on how you utilize your cards, especially Syntonization. Deck will feel different depending on the pilot.


  1. Version 1 (12th April 2020) : Initial Release
  2. Version 2 (5th May 2020) : Added Additional Decklist, Syntonization choices, Tech card writeup, Mulligan, General Tips, Matchup Table, Specific MU added ( Mirror, Valdain Dragon, NTR Rune, and Machina Haven )
  3. Version 2.1 (8th May 2020) : Added more details on Syntonization choices.


This list was piloted by Riowh/GxG in GM Ladder. He achieved 20 winstreak with this deck at 17k-19k MP. A bit unconventional list since not many people running Belphomet. But I feel this list is the best suited for the current ladder meta (as of early April) . I will elaborate it further during card selection and matchup scenarios. This list is preferred for Mid-Control Strategy. VOD can be found

5th May Update :

Ladder and competitive meta has changed since the 1st time this article was published. Machina blood has lost its dominance, machina forest is nowhere to be found. Valdain dragon, Natura rune, and Machina Elana popularity rises. In order to get a better advantage against the former two, A more aggressive list without Belphomet is now preferred since it can perform Aggro-Mid gameplan in a more consistent manner . Below are the sample of the list 

Vibrochakram and Belphomet were completely cut from the list. More aggressive cards such as Ameth and Mugnier were preferred. 

Card Choices


One of the most versatile card ever printed in Shadowverse history. This is a card that you want to keep in your mulligan most of the time, together with Augmentation Bestowal, Android Artisan, and Vertex Colony. The choices that you made when playing this card will dictate how you play the game. Generally for aggro-midrange approach : analyzing/bifurcating . for midrange-control : bifurcating/paradigm shift/analyzing. But there is also a situation where you go for Pshift in aggro-midrange. Turn when you play this card also matters, since bifurcating value falls off late game. Only choose radiant for lethal / lethal setup. Below, I listed syntonization decision making as reference, but take note that this is just a reference based on my experience and observation, There might be a better decision depending on the matchup and opponent board state.

Handy Syntonization Decision Making reference 

Current Turn Hand SituationDecisionSuggested Play
1Artisan exist , no Vertex ColonyBifurcatingT2 Artisan T3 Bifurcating 
1Vertex Colony exist, no ArtisanAnalyzingT2 Vertex T3 Golem + Analyzing
1Vertex Colony + Artisan exist, no AugmentationAnalyzingT2 Vertex T3 Golem + Analyzing T4 Artisan + Golem
1Vertex Colony + Augmentation + Artisan existBifurcatingT2 Vertex, T3 Golem, T4 Artisan + Golem, T5 Augmentation + Bifurcating
T2 Artisan T3 Vertex, T4 anything, T5 Augmentation + Bifurcating + Strike Golem + Guard Golem
1Technomancer exist, no Artisan or ColonyAnalyzingT2 Analyzing + Technomancer
3Colony is on board, no Augmentation in handParadigm ShiftT3 Golem + Syntonization
3Colony is on board, Augmentation in handBifurcatingT3 Golem + Syntonization, T4 Augmentation + Bifurcating + Golem
3Colony is on board, Augmentation and Artisan in handAnalyzingT3 Artisan + Syntonization, T4 Augmentation + Strike Golem + Guard Golem + Analyzing
AnyWhenever you draw Syntonization using Augmentation draw effect after you play bunch of artifactsParadigm Shift

Credits to 

Paradigm Shift Generators

Paradigm Shift is the engine that makes this deck running. Android Artisan is the cheap generator that you want to keep in mulligan for most if not every single game. Ironsting Archaeologist is a strong evo target that also has a huge board presence. Vibrochakram can be treated as 3pp removal, most of the artifact list omitted her because her accel cost is a bit expensive, but she is a good addition in this deck because of Belphomet. All these cards are machina and only good when played early game. Fuse these cards into Belphomet for late game.

Board Swarm/Artifact Generators

These cards are your board swarmer. Their job is to fill the board and pressure the opponent in aggro-midrange / answer opp board in midrange-control as well as reducing paradigm shift costs. Technomancer primary copy targets are ancient, analyzing, and vertex colony artifacts. Copy those artifacts and prepare it in your hand for augmentation combo or simply clearing your opponent next board. Magic Gunsmith is a staple follower that can summon analyzing/ancient depending on the situation. Rebel against fate is a good clear and board presence. Comboing these cards with augmentation and shion is pretty nasty.

Combo Enabler

Augmentation Bestowal lets you cheat PP and draw cards at the same time. Shion can buff your board so it will be harder to remove and makes your follower hit face harder and makes your board a constant threat. These two cards makes artifacts highroll can be even stronger than other class. Also we have Absolute Modesty which her leader effect enables this deck to deal ping damage for free in later turn. These ping damage will snowball as the game further goes.

Late Game Dominator

These are your game deciding cards. These cards’ job is to outflip the tempo and if your opp can’t clear it, you practically won the game. Artifact Duplicator is your main tempo swing card. It will summon max 4 different types of artifacts that has been destroyed in the game. In a certain matchup, you need to plan what kind of artifact that you need to revive by controlling the type of artifacts that you play in previous turns. It can get nastier when you combo it with augmentation and shion on turn 8. 

Vertex Colony is your finisher on turn 9. It will demolish your opponent’s board and also hitting face as a bonus. If you somehow managed to activate modesty effect in previous turns, this face damage is technically doubled which helps you end the game. Vertex Colony is also a versatile card which is also good for early game. 

When you went for a midrange-control plan, Artifact duplicator is really crucial to have on turn 7-8. However with just 3 copies, sometimes you won’t be able to draw him. Here is where Belphomet comes into picture. All Paradigm Shift generators are machina and they are usually no longer useful late game. Belphomet will fill the role of artifact duplicator tho it is a bit RNG Based. Also it has a chance to draw cards which will help you to secure vertex colony on turn 9. Belphomet also helps to decrease your hand size to avoid overdraw when you combo augmentation bestowal with artifacts swarming.


These are cards that usually exist in the list, they are not directly contributing to main gameplan, but good cards to tech.

Ameth is a very flexible card. It really shines when you committed to an aggro-midrange gameplan in a non-belphomet list. The best case to use her is  when you have something that is being left on the field. Evolve it, Buff it, go face with it. Since it only costs 1pp, you can still play a lot of cards this turn. At the end of the turn, you have big ward and bunch of followers on the field. Even without evolved follower, having additional ward is a big deal in this current meta, especially with the rise of NTR Rune. Not only for blocking lethal finisher, there is various board manipulation that you can do with a ward. For example, protecting artifacts on board by giving technomancer/gunsmith ward so it can survive before you play shion on next turn.

Ralmia can be a clutch storm finisher. However most of the time you will always play her as 2/1 rush or 4/3 rush with free evo. She is good for Belphomet Lists since she is a machina. non-Belphomet list starts to reduce her since you want to maximize Magna Giant’s chance to search for Paradigm Shift Generators. Magna Giant is used mostly for searching your deck and sometimes being fused into Belphomet.

Cat Gunner : 2pp Removal, makes absolute modesty accelerate effect viable

Mugnier : Disrupt your opponent gameplan, removing ward for lethal.

Clash of Heroes : Value trades, Enables to go face and clear opp board at the same time, airstrike artifact damage cheese, Ralmia lethal bypassing ward cheese.

Focus : Thinning the deck, can be played as 0 to avoid overdraw before/during augmentation. Usually the list includes 3 copies of Focus, 3x Magna Giant and only 0-1 Ralmia.

Gabriel : Help to finish the game / Protect artifacts / Big ward against Natura Rune

Gameplan and Tips

This deck has emphasis on board control and overwhelming your opponent with board presence every single turn. Ideal situation for this deck would be generating P-shifts while at the same time pressuring the enemy and increasing the types of artifacts that have been played in this match.  By turn 7 onwards, you should have enough artifacts to resummon it using Artifact duplicator and keep controlling with the 2nd Duplicator/Belphomet/Vertex Colony until you win.


Your very first few cards in a game dictates your overall gameplan. Unlike other decks which require you to draw your “Key Card” in order to win. This deck can adapt without the said key card. Though, some matchup does require Paradigm shifts or Absolute Modesty effect as early as possible in order to increase your chance. In general, I would like to separate two main playstyle : Aggro-Mid and Mid-Control


Early Key Cards : Syntonization, Android Artisan, Technomancer, Magic Gunsmith, Augmentation Bestowal, Shion

This is a situation where you try to play this deck as an aggro deck. Starts with early syntonization into either analyzing/bifurcating. Copy them further with technomancer. Try to have board presence as soon as possible against slower deck and buff ’em with Shion. Basically your gameplan is to rush the game as early as possible before your opponent can achieve their wincon.

This kind of playstyle is a bit risky, but it is needed to fight against a deck that has fast but rigid wincon. So you need to be aggressive and try to win before they can complete their wincon.


Early Key Cards : Syntonization, Android Artisan, Vertex Colony, Ironsting Archaeologist (2nd), Absolute Modesty (2nd) 

Late Key Cards : Artifact Duplicator/Belphomet/Vertex Colony

Your gameplan is to generate as much artifacts types as possible during t2-t6 in order to maximize the value of Absolute Modesty and Vertex Colony. Syntonization might be used for shift / filling artifact that has not played yet. Contest enemy board and try to survive until your power turn on 7 onwards. 


There are 4 cards that is good to keep in general

  • Syntonization
  • Android Artisan
  • Augmentation Bestowal
  • Vertex Colony

There were some other cards that are worth keeping based on matchups or 1st/2nd.

Syntonization and Android Artisan is a must keep since they are your main engine. Vertex colony is your best 2 drops that makes your games smoother. While you might only play Augmentation Bestowal later in the game, this card is the main reason why artifacts can overwhelm other classes, so it is really a valuable keep.  

Technomancer is a good keep if you have Syntonization / Vertex Colony in hand. 

Magic gunsmith is a good keep if you have an artisan on hand.

Archeologist and Modesty is also a good keep when you are going 2nd. Modesty is a must keep in matchup against Control Forest since it really helps you to close the game against that deck.

Paradigm Shift Artifacts

These artifacts are your most efficient tools in order to control/end your opponent. By itself, they are already strong enough and they make Artifact duplicator become high value card. Don’t be too frugal when you are going to use paradigm shift. you don’t need to reduce their cost to 0 before you can play them. If you look at their original cost (5) , it means that as long as it is below 5, you already have advantage. Also there is no need to hoard many paradigm shifts as you probably won’t need that many to win and it may backfire.

Barrier Artifact is a strong Bane+Ward card which is the most annoying artifact to remove. It will block you from big storm threats like Mono/Riley/etc. Make sure to use it against them since it will drain their resources

Keenedge Artifacts is a rush+drain card which solves artifact past problems : Lack of HP regen. The value of the card increases significantly because it can be resummoned using duplicators. Clearing the board and at the same time healing your HP is pretty neat. This card makes artifact better against early aggression/aggro.

Airstrike Artifact is a storm+last word card which usually acts as your finisher. Use this to end the game / setting up lethal. Comboing this card with shion lets you deal tons of damage. Beware of setting up lethal when playing against rune and haven since they can banish this card and your last word effect won’t trigger.

Combos and Example of Strong Plays

T6 Double Augmentation + Rebel against Fate

Double augmentation into rebel is a really nasty combo. 4pp card for free and draws 4 cards. This is also one of the reason he run belphomet since he tends to overdraw his hand. Btw, he keeps augmentation bestowal in his starting hand together with android artisan.

T6 Augmentation + bifurcating + analyzing _ shion

Notice that the moment he saw his starting hand, there is no need to go for a paradigm shift using syntonization.  

T9 The Power of Lord Belphomet RNG

Belphomet draws a lot of cards, it means that it is a way to secure vertex colony lethal.

T8 Augmentation + Artifact Duplicator + Shion


General Tips and Play Utilization

  • Always remember that Paradigm Shift is your tool, not your wincon. Don’t let your chance of making strong board with artifacts gone because of your greediness of hoarding paradigm shifts
  • If you have syntonization and technomancer in your first hand, going with analyzing artifact + technomancer t2 is usually a good move even if you went for a mid-control gameplan. You add pressure early and can draw more cards that you need for late game.
  • Vertex Colony is usually your best play on 2, not android artisan. The reason for this is that you want to play both artifacts generated as cheap and as soon as possible for 2pp. Since 4pp is too expensive and you want to play as many cards as possible in the early game. Turn 2 vertex -> turn 3 Guardian/Strikeform -> turn 4 Artisan + Guardian/Strikeform is usually an ideal play.
  • Your board of artifacts are a constant threat to your opponent since they can be buffed by Shion. 
  • When you Evo Ironsting Archaeologist, in some cases, there is no need to trade ancient artifacts into your opponent follower. You can have archaeologist trading instead and retain board presence 
  • In general, only use augmentation bestowal if you have 2 artifacts or more
  • Think carefully when you are going to use augmentation bestowal. Only use that card if you have a strong play that your opponent can’t counter or in dire need of key cards for late game (Duplicator/Vertex). I have seen someone spamming board turn 6 with augmentation and just waiting to be obliterated with Nereia. 
  • When using augmentation bestowal, take care of overdrawing and take note of cards that are being burned. You might want to fuse your machina into your Belphomet first during or before augmentation
  • Double Augmentation bestowal is a very strong play. Abuse it when situation arises and don’t be afraid of milling cards.
  • Augmentation bestowal effect is based on each artifact that comes into play. So remember that for double bestowal : Rebel against fate is 0pp and bifurcating artifacts actually gives you +1pp. T5 double bestowal + bifurcating or T6 double bestowal + rebel against fate is very strong.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your paradigm shift at high cost (especially Barrier/Keenedge). Sometimes they are the best play that you can make during that turn and your opponent can’t handle that without spending resources. Playing them early means better value of Artifact Duplicator later
  • In general, Syntonization late game is reserved for paradigm shift/radiant only.
  • You can control your types of artifacts generated by artifact duplicators. Sometimes it is a right decision to not summon bifurcating in order to get guaranteed artifacts
  • Don’t force to evo Absolute Modesty just for the ping effect if your opponent board is threatening your hp. You can still win even without her effect.
  • When you play Ralmia together with an artifact, there is no absolute need to evo her in the same turn. In fact, you can leave her unevolved and she still has her free evo effect in the next turn in case your opponent couldn’t kill her.
  • Technomancer artifact copy can be held until you have your augmentation bestowal combo
  • You can fuse your useless furies into Belphomet.
  • You might not want to play pshift generators anymore after t6 if you have Belphomet in hand.
  • Generally it is better to use Ameth on non-artifact follower to protect your board of artifacts. Because if your artifacts survives, it will be a bigger threat when you buffed them with Shion. 


Summary Table

This is my opinion about the matchups and what I think might be the best gameplan. Take note that even though we know the ideal gameplan for a certain matchup, executing it might not be possible since we didn’t have the cards in starting hands. Your starting hands dictates more on your gameplan and you kinda need to stick with it instead forcing yourself to go with a recommended plan. Also there is a more detailed info for selected matchups, but here are the general table

Deck ArchetypeWinning ChanceQuick tips for AFQuick tips for MU
Machina Blood55% (No Nerea List)50% (Nerea)Mid-ControlVertex EndPre-Evo behemoth*
Turbo Zeus/Discard Dragon40%Aggro-MidGenesis Dragon Keep
Valdain Dragon50% (Pure List)45% (Belph List)40% (AOE removal tech) Aggro-MidGo WideForce opp to interact with boardMore chance if there is aoe removal
Spellboost Rune50%Aggro-MidEarly BifurcatingStall with KeenedgeJust Highroll Kuon
Natura Rune60%(Pure List)50%(Belph List)Aggro-MidForce opp to interactDouble ward during riley turn / Evo Barrier ArtifactPyromancer / Stormelementalist  
Control Forest50%Mid-ControlExhaust resources and hand sizeAbsolute Modesty is game changer
Machina Forest65%Mid-ControlEarly ModestyWard up during Damian turnEnd the match ASAP / pray for double damian discount
NTR Shadow50%Mid-ControlTry to Thoth ASAP
Machina Haven50% Mid-ControlAbuse t4-t5 if they don’t have kel in their list.
Make board that is taller than their Duplicator boardBetter chance with Kel
Belphomet Portal55%Mid-ControlPlan for Belphomet TurnsIt depends on your Belphomet Rolls
Machina Sword55%Mid-ControlJust survive till late gameDominate early game
Evo Sword55%Mid-Control

*see detailed MU description

Mirror Match

Tips for Mirror

  • Going 1st usually has advantage since you can set up your things faster, and most importantly you reach Artifact Duplicator and Vertex Colony faster than your opponent. 
  • The one who has absolute modesty active usually has an advantage, but it might not be wise to full mulligan for her since you also need early cards like syntonization and artisan.
  • Always keep track of their paradigm shifts. 
  • Prioritize value trading and having more boards than your opponent instead of chipping damage in early game since artifacts can easily heal.
  • Game is usually decided when the other party can’t clear the big board. Proceed to capitalizing that big tempo advantage to end the game with shion buff/vertex colony/ralmia lethal

Machina Blood

50 – 50 between these two decks. Artifacts might have a dominant board before turn 5, but Nerea will flip the tempo, and if artifact doesn’t have an answer, it will be Machina Blood game. 

If somehow artifact can answer Nereia, Al-Machinus into a double mono then it is machina blood advantage. Other than the mentioned scenario, it is usually Artifacts advantage. Neun board can be cleared by artifacts and they can set ward at the same time. Turn 9 vertex will boardwipe any blood board.

Tips for Artifact Player

  • Go for midrange-control route, you need at least 1 paradigm shift for nereia turn
  • You want Artisan/Vertex Colony on turn 2. Keep Modesty if you are going 2nd and evo her t4 to start your ping engine asap. 
  • Beware of going wide on turn before nerea, play something tall like archaeologist/modesty if possible.
  • Play your paradigm shift at full cost on 5 if you don’t have better play and you expect nereia at turn 6, this will make it difficult for them
  • With Clash of Heroes, your Ironsting Archaeologist can single handedly kill Nerea
  • Always take note of what cards are being fused into Al’machinus. Keep track of the number of remaining Neun and Mono in their deck.
  • Stay out of mono lethal with available heal and wards late game. Don’t be too greedy on hitting face. You need to survive until T9 vertex, ideally.

Tips for Machina Blood Player

  • Always count the number of paradigm shifts and type of artifacts
  • If you notice your opp doesn’t have a paradigm shift, PRE-EVO Flood Behemoth during Nereia turn. It’s a checkmate.

Valdain Dragon

While early Al’Machinus might be devastating and artifact can’t deal with it when they rolls like crazy, I still think that this MU is 50-50. The weakness of valdain dragon is that they lack of AOE board clear. If your hands allow you to punish that weakness, the game is yours. Another thing is that when they don’t manage to ramp early, their board can be easily punished by artifacts value. Tho I kinda agree that if dragon tech more board clears, it will be favoured for Dragon.  

Tips for Artifact Player

  • Aggro-Mid gameplan is your best chance
  • Always try to go wide, abuse their lack of AOE board clear
  • Threaten them with board and make them guilty for ramping. If somehow they don’t clear your artifact board, punish them with Shion if possible.
  • If you have mugnier, you might delay their ramp/tree progression with her by banishing core or trees

Tips for Natura Dragon Player

  • Having AOE board clear like Genesis Dragon or Ian may increases your chances for this matchup
  • Be wary of artifact boards, you might need to rethink your choices on ramping or clearing threats. Always prioritize to clear artifact follower and not a non-artifact.
  • Generally when your ramp and Al-Machinus pieces are coming together, the game is yours

Natura Rune

Artifact seems to have an advantage against natura rune, especially the non-belphomet list. While natura rune always plans to end the game by turn 7 or 8 , it can be a tough challenge for them to constantly clear artifact boards at the same time while playing enough trees. Moreover, artifact is a class that can generate wards to block riley. Either using Barrier artifacts, or multiple wards such as guardform golem, mystic artifact, or ameth effects.

Tips for Artifact Player

  • Aggro Mid Gameplan
  • Go wide, but try to play around pyromancer clear
  • Always count their tree count, you can force them to delay their riley turn / make them use unnecessary evo.
  • Try to set up Big ward ( Barrier artifact pre-evo ) or Double ward during riley turn, that’s usually enough to close the game

Tips for Natura Rune

  • Storm Elementalist and Pyromancer is your best allies against artifacts
  • Save clash of heroes for final push

Machina Haven

Machina Haven matchup is kinda even, Artifact will have more chance to exert pressure during early game, while Haven will swing the tempo after Al’Machinus turn. The game is usually decided by that turn. If haven managed to create board big enough that artifacts cannot clear, it will be Haven game. Otherwise, Artifacts will win due to their snowballing

Tips for Artifact Player

  • Punish their early game, since most of the list omitted Kel , they have no good way of clearing wide boards. 
  • Clear their early mech board to prevent limonia discounting al’machinus too early
  • Make their Limonia’s turn as awkward as possible. Usually by going wide. When they force themselves to play limonia and leave a bunch of stuff on your board uncleared. Buff your board with shion and Ignore limonia to end the game as soon as possible is usually a good strategy.
  • Playing variety types of artifacts combined with modesty effects may help to clear machina haven boards. 
  • It’s usually a good idea to hoard paradigm shifts in this matchup
  • Keep track of combined mech, especially the number of Vice and Robowhip remaining. 

Tips for Machina Haven Player

  • Early Elana helps this matchup a lot. Elana can help to setup big board during Al-Machinus turn as soon as possible. 
  • Don’t build a half-baked board after machinus. Your board needs to be very tall to ensure artifacts can’t clear the board so that you can settle the match in the next turn. Keep track of their duplicator capabilities of removing your board
  • Having Kel as a tech would help to survive early artifact aggression 

Spellboost Rune

50-50 between these two decks. If you have cards that are suitable for mid-control gameplan, Early Kuon (T6) is kinda difficult to handle as artifacts since usually we don’t have enough tools to clear their board. So the best chance to win it is actually when your hand is suitable for Aggro-Mid gameplan since they have difficulty handling your early boards. Spellboost also has a lot of ways to clear your late game boards. But if you have dealt enough damage, vertex colony push should be able to push them to the edge.

Tips for Artifact Player

  • If your starting hand is ideal, go for aggro-mid gameplan
  • Play shion and go face when your opponent failed to clear your board.
  • Barrier Artifact has less value late game since Spellboost has Fiery Embrace/Mystic Absorption. Trying to survive using Keenedge is usually a better choice. 
  • Beware of using airstrike artifact for lethal. Mystic Absorption can banish your airstrike

Tips for Spellboost Player

  • Always try to clear their boards, especially their artifacts. You don’t want to see them hitting your face after being buffed with shion.
  • Good tempo swing on t6 is usually what decides the game and it doesn’t need to be exactly kuon. If you manage to clear their boards while having wards or big bodied followers before their tools are online, the game is yours.

Turbo Zeus/Discard/Evo Dragon

Big disadvantage for artifacts. Boards presence of artifacts can be cleared easily with genesis dragon / plesiosaurus discards. Most artifacts can’t deal with “can’t be attacked” follower except for vibrochakram. 5 goblins can obliterate any board that artifact has.  Artifact must somehow close the game as soon as possible.

Tips for Artifact Player

  • Pray your opponent brick and they don’t have any ramp
  • Go for aggro-midrange plan, don’t bother generating paradigm shift if you have a better card to be aggressive. Syntonization early into analyzing for more cards
  • Pray for augment shion highroll

Tips for Turbo Zeus

  • Just don’t brick, stick to your gameplan and win
  • Keep Genesis dragon for board clear effect, esp going 2nd.

Machina Forest

Big Advantage for Artifacts, especially after damian nerfs. Artifacts can recover from early aggression of Mech Forest with Keenedge Artifacts drain effect. It has a lot of access to wards that will block Damian from directly hitting face. Machina forest might still win if artifacts didn’t have access to their Pshift generators so they can’t recover. Also Double Damian reduction may bypass wards given by artifacts board.

Tips for Artifact Player

  • Try to achieve a big board with shion if possible before turn 7. Machina forest need to use all their resources to clear it or they simply can’t clear it
  • Get prepared to clear Al’Machinus board on turn 7 by playing all your necessary ( 1 ward and 2 rush ) artifacts before this turn
  • Always try to ward during their damian turn ( 7, 8, 9 )
  • Play early modesty evo when the chance is there. 1-2 Pings early is enough to clear small followers

Tips for Machina Forest Player

  • Try to be as aggressive as possible and aim to kill them as soon as possible if you notice their lack of paradigm shifts
  • Hope for Double Damian


Artifact – Paradigm Shift portal is a versatile deck that can fight and have decent chances against any deck. This deck requires practice to master and even the author himself still has a lot to learn from this deck. Playing this deck feels rewarding since there are a lot of decision making inside the game and it feels good when you make the right decision that helps you win the match. 

As I said in Introduction, This deck will be played differently depending on the pilot. This writing is based on my analysis and my experience so other players might think differently and may not agree with some points that I have raised. But I hope this convinces you to try playing this deck or helps you understand more about this deck if you have played it. 

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