Top 10 Most Hated Cards

An article by DB Praetorian

Shadowverse World Uprooted Rotation

We’re right before a new set so let’s take a look at what’s fun and what’s not and hopefully we get less of these cards in the future…

Of course this list is very subjective, let me know if you agree or disagree!

10. Dragon Oracle

Starting off with a classic dragon card. While in Hearthstone druid had their version of Dragon Oracle nerfed for being too good and always in every deck, it doesn’t look like Cygames has any plans to change this card. It’s usually an auto 3 of in every single dragon deck, the only exceptions being dragon decks that really want early tempo or madlads that choose to play less than 3 copies because they’re playing Highlander or for some other unexplainable reason. This is easily the most powerful basic card in my opinion. The only downside here is that this card is only as strong as the strongest follower you can cheat out early so as annoying as it is it’s only a problem when there’s a powerful card that you don’t want to face a turn or two earlier.

9. Kel, Holy Marksman

I really disliked this card when it came out and while it’s not as popular now I still get PTSD when I hear his voice lines. It’s almost impossible to play around this card after turn 4 because now with Al Miraj they can deal anywhere between 2 and 8 AoE damage and wipe your entire board depending on what they have in their hand. If you’re playing an aggro deck you’re better off not playing around it and just hoping they don’t draw him because it’s almost impossible to come back. Not only will your board get cleared but your opponent will also heal and that’s a combination that crushes any aggressive strategy. The only thing saving this card from being higher on the list is that it only beats fair decks that win through board which we don’t really have right now.

8. Nerea, Beast Empress

This is another card similar to Kel that just does too much and destroys every board you can make around turn 6. The upside here is that not only is it an amazing clear and protection because of the ward but it’s also just a lot of stats, way too much stats for one card in fact. It isn’t the most played card right now because blood decks prefer to focus on machina cards but it did see some play even in those decks not because it has synergy with them but just because of how strong this card is. I expect to see it a lot more in the next expansion. The only people who love this card are weirdos who want to get stepped on.

7. Zeus, the Supreme

This isn’t a card you see very often but when you do see it at least one player in the game will get upset. This card is a win condition and it requires some setup which is fine but even then whether you get the win or not is random which also makes it very difficult to play around. Your best bet is to stay at 20 hp behind a ward but that doesn’t always save you as sometimes he decides that he doesn’t care about wards. Other times however, Zeus decides to do nothing at all and then the player who played him will be very upset. At least he costs 10 play points so I don’t think he will ever be super popular because of how fast the game is right now.

6. Whirlwind Rhinoceroach

Going from 20 to 0 is never fun when you’re on the receiving end. Not only that but this card is a lot easier to use than the previous roach which required a fairly big brain that can perform mathematical operations quickly and without error. Not only that but you needed to hold cards and play them all together in one turn so your opponent kind of knew how much damage they can expect. The new roach lethal, however, is the easiest part of the deck. Just play as many roaches as fast as you can and keep at least one so you can kill your opponent. This deck has also been relevant for far too long although it did change a bit over the months. One good thing about it is that the rest of the deck does actually require skill to play properly so it was never a huge problem on ladder. But hey, sometimes you just draw all your roaches at the start and then everyone can play it.

5. Ravening Corruption

This card has corrupted our previously fair and balanced card game and managed to tilt many people just for the one month it’s been in the game. I really hope we get some way to remove or temporarily stop leader effects because we have so many at this point and a lot of them don’t really cost you anything to put them in your deck – just like this card. Not only does it have full stats and a decent fanfare but the leader effect is relevant for every deck because.. Well every deck draws cards. That’s the most common thing in card games. Not only that but the effect itself is random which means a lot of games get decided by where the pings land. As terrible as all of this sounds, I didn’t put this card higher on the list because I believe that a certain other card is the culprit but we’ll get to that later.

4. Belphomet, Worldreaver

All the machina cards we had for portal were pretty bad but just because you can fuse them to Belphomet, this abomination became a playable deck. I really dislike decks where you have a lot of bad cards supporting one good card, I feel like cards should be more balanced and you shouldn’t have to rely on one specific card. But that wouldn’t even be that big of a problem if the card you had to rely on wasn’t completely random. It might not seem like the most random thing at first because you fuse a lot of cards and you always get some effects but the problem is that one of the effects is a lot better. When belphomet gets his stats buffed not only does he become hard to deal with but he also draws you cards. What happens when you miss that effect is that you’ll run out of cards in hand but your board will also get cleared more easily so you’ll just lose the game. The only saving grace here is that if you have a deck that clears big boards easily you’ll probably be fine even if belphomet has a very good roll.

3. Natur Al’machinus

Probably the most iconic card of World Uprooted. This is so powerful that a lot of classes just use all the fusible cards with this and they have a decent deck that would probably beat everything we had before this set. It is played in a lot of top tier decks and it’s such a crazy power play that everyone is trying to play this card one turn before their opponent which isn’t the most fun thing ever. There is also some randomness in the cards you draw and discount with this which can certainly decide games. Probably a card that most people would put on the top of their lists but while I agree that it’s very powerful I don’t dislike the core design of the card and wouldn’t mind if it just got tuned down a bit.

2. Valdain, Cursed Shadow

While Al Machina terrorized the game for the last 3 months, this bad boy has been around since Verdant Conflict, and always in a top tier deck as far as I can remember. Not only is he super popular but his effect is very unfun to play against. Dealing damage every turn without having to actually play cards is not very interesting and the nature of this card makes it so some games are decided very early. In card games you usually always have a small chance to pull a crazy comeback but against this deck, once you fall behind, it’s very difficult to win and in some cases it’s straight up impossible. It’s very frustrating because you can see your demise a few turns ahead and when this happens against other decks you can always pray that they don’t draw the cards they need, but here the dragon player doesn’t actually need to do anything once he has Valdain set up with a large enough number of trees destroyed. I guess the only positive thing you can say about this card is that it only works in the Natura Dragon deck and it does have some weakness against early aggression.

Before we get to number 1, let’s go over some honorable mentions!

Ines, Maiden of the Clouds

This isn’t a very popular card but I always get upset when I see it. If you don’t have an answer for it right away, good luck. It’s not really good because most decks do have an answer right now but if you don’t draw it you’re still screwed.

Changewing Cherub

Probably not the most annoying card but it is very popular so you’re surely tired of playing against it by now. What makes it really annoying is when you get both effects and heal while killing something. That’s a bit too much for a 2 cost follower.

Aenea, Amethyst Rebel

What made this card a contender for this list was the buff that changed it to 4 play points. This makes it come a bit too early and it can sometimes be very difficult to remove if played on curve.

Ivory Sword Dance

This card was mostly a problem in the past when Leod was played in Sword. I still don’t like it though and I remember getting screwed by it a lot back in the day so I’m happy it rotates.

Rino, Cleansweep Archer

Another card you don’t really see often nowadays but back when it first came out it was pretty obnoxious. Not only is the damage random but it’s random across the board which made those moments where she deals 4 to everything very tilting.

And now, the most annoying card to play against:

1. Karyl, Catty Sorceress

Probably a bit unexpected but if you know me you know that this card is number one. It may not be as common as Al Machina or Valdain but that doesn’t make it any less tilting when you lose to it. Where do I start with this card? It helps you set up the Riley OTK in NTR Rune which is its main use but it also created a deck that literally only plays Karyl as its runecraft follower and a bunch of cards that just draw or copy her so you can play 3 of her in a row and win the game. That’s just stupid. Reducing max hp is such a bad mechanic, nothing is more frustrating than dying with a ton of healing in your hand because you can’t use it. And not only does it reduce your max hp but it has a union burst effect that can both clear the board and damage your leader. But that’s not all, she also has an evolve effect where she destroys everything with 3 defense or less for some reason. Usually my plan is to make them play Karyl for the evolve effect before they can activate her union burst but then they just have a second one in hand and kill me. Not only is the card super annoying but the deck where it’s played is very inconsistent. Some games they just have nothing and other games they kill you on turn 7 and you can’t do much about it with most decks.

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