Best Cards from Fortune’s Hand

By Team Dawnbreakers

With every new expansion we like to make card reviews for fun. This time we’ve decided to pick one card we think is really good for every class and showcase them here! Keep in mind that those reviews are mostly for fun and they were made before the pre-release so don’t go out of your way crafting all those cards… yet.

Deepwood Wolf (7)
Accelerate (1): Return an allied follower or amulet to your hand. Draw a card.
When you play a card using its Accelerate effect, evolve this follower.

3/3 // 6/6

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
Better guidance, why. You’ll probably never play it for the follower
but it does have storm. The problem is you’d rather just bounce
your roach with this. Also supports the accelerate deck.

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
Reprint of nature guidance in follower form. This card
also is 6/6 storm with an accel on 8. Great card.

Petrus – Rating : 4.5/5
Seems very powerful, synergize with accel package + roach.
Nature’s Guidance in disguise actually, 7 PP is heavy but can create
huge threat on turn 8 or potential finisher. and even if you don’t go
face, you can clear a big thing with value.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
Nature Guidance, nuff said, but if u reach turn 7 you can’t play him as your first card, there is that.

Tempest – Rating: 5/5
I mean, it’s nature’s guidance.

Decisive Strike (1)
Deal X damage to an enemy follower. X equals the attack of the highest-attack Commander follower in your hand. Enhance (5): Deal X damage to all enemy followers instead.

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
Why??? This effect is really dumb.
The good commanders are 1-4 attack but even then 1pp deal 4 is
insane or 5pp deal 4 but only to all enemy followers. You can even
play that stupid noble to highroll for 9 damage. Really annoying
effect because you can’t tell how much damage your opponent is
going to do and being able to play around your opp’s aoe cards is
key for board based decks.

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
Why. Play this in all sword decks.

Petrus – Rating : 5.5/5
Insane card, you can’t really play around it, will generally deal 4
because key commanders have 4 attack. Your commander don’t
need to be on the board ???? Can deal 4 dmg to ennemy board
for 5 ? Nah this sucks for sure :^) , remember ivory sword and cry.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
1pp deal 3-4 is nuts, 2pp deal 3 is already annoying, now 1pp? and even 5pp aoe? this is just a crazy card, if midrange sword becomes nuts, this card is part of the deck for sure

Tempest – Rating: More Cancerous ISD/5
bUt nOw mY OpPoNenT kNows wHAt cArd I HavE

Adamantine Golem (6)
During your turn, when this card is added to your hand from your deck, if there are 2
allied Earth Sigil amulets or less in play, reveal it and summon an Earth Essence.
Fanfare: Randomly activate 1 of the following effects. Earth Rite (X): Do this X more
times. X equals the number of allied Earth Sigil amulets in play.
-Summon a Guardian Golem.
-Put a Witch Snap into your hand and change its cost to 0.
-Deal 2 damage to the enemy leader. Restore 2 defense to your leader.

5/6 // 7/8

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
Magisa replacement. Obviously only good in dirt but not only is this
a good pressure tool and finisher but you also get random free
sigils out of it. Kind of dumb tbh.

Nitro – Rating: 4/5
This is the card that ties dirt together this expac. I don’t know
if dirt will be tier 1 ut its looking like tier 2. The revealed effect
is just a bonus.

Petrus – Rating : 5/5
Very storng boss monster for Dirt. More designed for a control/tempo
gameplan rather than a burn one but looking good. Still not sure
since no Magisa but since the deck is now more turned into a mid
deck it can maybe work.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
This is what turn dirt into a very control-ish deck, good tempo that opp has to deal with and the fact you can potentially roll into 4 3/3 ward is insane, good effect overall very happy with this card

Tempest – Rating: 4.5/5
Dirt is gonna be back, and it’s gonna be thanks to this card. Arguably, it could be better than Orichalcum since you activate it the same turn you play it and you can get wards/0pp deal 3 which can be really huge

Turncoat Dragon Summoner (3)
If this card is discarded by an effect, put a Crimson Dragon’s Sorrow into your hand.
Fanfare: Discard a card. Put an Azure Dragon’s Rage into your hand.

2/3 // 4/5

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
I think it’s better to discard this than to get the fanfare but either
way its really good in disco dragon. That deck is starting to look

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
One of the est discard payoffs I’ve ever seen. This card gives you a ward on discard that discards more cards or a storm
boi. Both evo and showdown will love this

Petrus – Rating : 5/5
In love with the design, adds alot of things to the discard archetype
and really help with the Plesi nerf. The whole package seem strong
enough to compete with at least the whole Tier 2. You can just
exhaust them and out value them to death.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
All i see is pure value, some discard are already a direct minus, some are not, this just turn your discard into value and even more value.

Tempest – Rating: 4/5
Thank god plesi was nerfed. I don’t think dragon can discard fast enough to cheat either of the tokens early, but it’s still a card with really good value.

VI. Milteo, The Lovers (5)
Fanfare: Burial Rite (2) – Reanimate (X) and Reanimate (Y). X and Y equal 6 split
(To perform Burial Rite (2), there must be at least 2 open spaces in your area after
this follower comes into play.)
Enhance (9): Do not perform Burial Rite. Evolve this follower instead.
Can’t be evolved using evolution points. (Can be evolved using card effects.)
Last Words: Draw 2 cards.
At the end of your turn, destroy 6 other random followers. Then, if the enemy leader
has 7 defense or more, deal damage to them until their defense drops to 6.

4/4 // 6/6

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
The backbone of the bural rite deck, this is why you want to play it.
Does a lot of things and all of them good. There is only one type
of shadow in this new set so I guess unless shadow sucks this
card will be played

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
The first main reason to play the new shadow this expac. Strong turn 5 board similar to cerberus. Enhance 9 is just a benefit. The deck is looking good.

Petrus – Rating : 5/5
Since your deck will be mixed with amulets and followers and you
have so much survability this card is your game ending one.
The first effect is quite meh, give you tempo but a bit costly but the
enhance will legit swipe the ennemy board leaving The Lovers at
6/6 on your board + will like always trigger the dmg to 6HP remaining.
To me if burial is viable it’s because this card give enough power on
her own.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
This card just spells stonks all over it, free 2 body as long you dun roll 0 on one of the rng, and even draw 2 when it dies, this will be your turn 5 power play and even later on, just a stonks card really and the evo eff is just a kill more

Tempest – Rating: Cerb 5/5
Bro there’s like so many combos you could do with this and even if you can’t evo this, you could reanimate shuten/sora/shovel and evo it to clear boards for you and if you have the 2pp crystallize popping this turn you can just evo that lmao this is so much value

Silverbolt Hunter (1)
Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to your leader.
Last Words: Give +1/+1 to a random allied follower.

1/2 // 3/4

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
Wow, this is just really good. Better than ambling wraith maybe?

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
Best 1 drop in the game. Wrath is looking good this expac.

Petrus – Rating: 5/5
Insane powercreep to ambling wraith, best stats for a 1 cost,
synergize with Wrath, aggro/tempo last word.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
power creep gobu

Tempest – Rating: 5/5
Bruh. Hopefully this makes pain blood a thing

Reverend Adjudicator (5)
Fanfare: Restore 2 defense to your leader. Draw a card.
During your turn, whenever your leader’s defense is restored, summon a
Snake Priestess.

2/3 // 4/5

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
Elana support AND ward haven support and draws cards. I’m sure
it will fit at least one of those decks really well.

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
Nevermind, Elana Ward Haven is a Thing.

Petrus – Rating: 4.5/5
Draw, heal and a 3/6 divised in two bodies with ward. Synergize
with Elana and Ward Haven perfectly.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
Elana trigger, draw, free 1/3, stonks

Tempest – Rating: 4/5
Very strong synergy with elana and give you board + heal for just 5pp and an evo.

Artifact Scan (0)
Put copies of 2 random allied Artifact cards with different names destroyed this
match into your hand. Then, if more than 6 allied Artifact cards with different names
have been destroyed this match, change their costs to 0.

Praetorian – Rating: 5/5
This looks insane. 0 pp cards are usually busted and I think this will
be no exception. This might keep the p-shift deck alive even after
the lost of bestowal.

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
Good card but not busted until you proc the second effect. If artifact deck is playable, its because of this card.

Petrus – Rating : 5/5
Ok so glad bestowal rotated with this card now printed. 0pp put
artifacts in your hand, later on ( kinda difficult to pull but ) they can be
played for free ? Broken card, can legit maintain Artifacts.

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
Breaks unlim, shows a small hope for artifact but i dun think this op card alone can save the deck

Tempest – Rating: 5/5
This card is clearly stupid as fuck but too bad bestowal is gone. At least artifact can easily always get back analyzing/ancient now

Fieran, Havensent Wind God (4)
Invocation: At the start of your turn, Rally (10) – Invoke this card.
Fanfare: If you have more evolution points than your opponent, gain +0/+2 and deal 2
damage to an enemy follower.
(You have 0 evolution points on turns you are unable to evolve.)
At the end of your turn, give +1/+1 to all allied followers.

1/1 // 3/3

Praetorian – Rating: 4/5
Very strong, you can use it in swarm decks like rally sword or maybe
some aggro shadow build. Invoking cards for free is always good
and the buff is pretty strong.

Nitro – Rating: 5/5
One of the best cards printed this set. Any board swarm deck will
love to have her.

Petrus – Rating : 4.5/5
Insane Neutral. Rally (10) so must be played in some tempo or
board heavy decks, thinking mostly Sword/Shadow maybe Forest.
The fanfare is kinda bonus but the end turn effect carry the whole

Crisome – Rating: 5/5
Broken, free and invoked on turn 6 consistently with sword or shadow. this is wat will make aggro deck return on day 1, very strong card and even if u drew it, still can play it out unlike Riley or the Dreadlord

Tempest – Rating: 4.5/5
Insane card, really easy to invoke early for rally decks and on the off chance you can trigger the fanfare you can make insane tempo plays. We might see the return of board based interactive Shadowverse after all

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