Mono is love, Mono is life

Hello, everyone, Myrion here. I am one of the members in the SEAO division of team Dawnbreakers. Looking back at the past year of playing Shadowverse competitively (and failing miserably at it kekw), it was quite a unique experience, transitioning from a casual perspective to a more focused and competitive perspective on the game.
I would just like to do a recap of the whole experience from the beginning, maybe give players who are aspiring to play Shadowverse competitively an idea of what we are doing as a team. Every team has a different team dynamic, and everyone will have different experience, I am just here to share mine so yeah, take it with a pinch of salt.
I was in my final year in university and was kind of looking to play something seriously, and I didn’t know Shadowverse teams and the competitive scene existed outside of Japan. After I found out they do exist through a friend of mine, I just climbed my way up to Masters (was a filthy SV casual for years) and applied to join DB. After getting destroyed by Zhiff in the interview games, I found out I got accepted, and I was very surprised that I got in. (Because I don’t have any achievements or anything in SV prior) But still, I am still grateful to be here, if not I wouldn’t have met friends I would never knew otherwise from all across the globe.
At first, I wasn’t really what to expect from everyone, or the scene as a whole since I knew nothing about them when I joined. Turns out, everyone was very friendly and were willing to teach me things about the game, the scene and everything else. To those who are trying to join a team, please don’t be intimidated or be less of yourself, at least in DB’s case, we are j̶u̶s̶t̶ a̶ b̶u̶n̶c̶h̶ o̶f̶ p̶e̶p̶e̶g̶a̶s̶ friendly and welcoming, just be yourself and keep calm.
Anyways, I got in and the first SVO I ever played in was the World Uprooted expansion on release, and trust me, it wasn’t a very good experience with everyone playing Al Machinus.deck. Crisome and Tempest gave us the DB finals and Tempest won in the end so it’s still a pretty great month overall.
And then the pandemic came and I am stuck at home up until the time of writing this article (pepehands Malaysia, I missed my midnight mamak stall experience), and I am pretty busy with my final year project and Shadowverse. Scrims, looking at JCG results for the meta trends, discussing decklist and things like that became routines of my daily life. We ask each other on deck ideas, decision making in decks, and generally just share any information that we have. Then post SVOs, we have reviews on the games we played and finding ways to improve on them. I would never have improved as much or gained these new knowledge if I was just playing the game alone.
And of course, the memes that we share and the laughs we share are priceless. We have AMQs from time to time, watch football games together, and who knows what we feel like. There’s just a lot of things we share that are not just limited to Shadowverse, I do feel that we are more than just a group of people who just plays together, as cheesy as it sounds, I do think we are friends that have gathered around because of Shadowverse, and I am grateful that the 17 year old me that picked up this game when it was just released, else I wouldn’t meet these awesome people.
Turns out, the year 2020 and 2021 are bearable was thanks to the awesome people I met in DB, instead of just letting the days pass by without purpose, I have an amazing community to be a part of and talk about other stuff. Huge shoutouts to everyone in DB, especially the SEAO boys, you are all amazing and I couldn’t imagine being in any other team. Love you all.
Now with best girl Mono out (RIP Blood, please be good in Mini) and SVO coming up soon, let’s hope Mono can actually be playable, and the meta actually be healthy. Thanks for reading!
Do check out our team’s twitter, everyone in DB, and join our Discord server.
Mono is love; Mono is life.

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