My wishlist for the new expansion

By DB Rasputin

So I don’t play the switch game so we’re gonna do some top tier totally not lazy rushed content. This is yo boi too lazy to hit GM Nitro OnlyFans. Am currently in the middle of a move IRL so here is my last minute attempt and hoping to do a real article post move after the release reviewing all the sword cards.

1) A meta slower then turn 8. Won’t happen ever, but a man can pray (copium). At the moment even if a game reaches turn 8 or later it’s mostly already decided the outcome by turn 6 or earlier which leads to rather boring and not very interactive gameplay

2) Decks Archetypes that I would like to see support again would be Evo Sword, Loxis, any Bloodcraft deck at this point not really picky, Roost dragon, Kuon Type of spellboost, Volteo. Some of these are more competitive than others but i think all are fun and deserve a spot in the meta even if low tier.

3) Onto more likely things: So far a lot of what I wanted, we are getting. Sword is getting one new good legendary, dragon is getting 3pp ramp but I’m excited to see what will be the sanctuary replacement for the set

4) No one’s gonna read this far but all hail Mr Pasut God King Emperor and SEAO qualifier. Crisome is love Crisome is life, sometimes Crisome isn’t very nice.

5) I’d Like to see the best leader from the poll, Naht, our queen and savior be there. Sekka would also be nice as the forest cards we have seen. Not much else to say NahtNaught best girl and Sekka is the root to all evil but kinda fun to play. 

6) Momo to stop bullying me. Like please we are very Sadge rn. If you made it this far check out my onlyfans at

7)  To see Worlds in person (pending on covid stuff). Love going to different offline events for every game and being able to actually hang out with the people you spend so much time with.

8) To see nerfs to Last word Shadow and Ladica. Shadow for being boring and linear. Ladica because she inherently is very limiting of future design space in the game.

9) To return to normal copium levels. Currently there are too many cancer decks and shitty tier 3 memes in my format. Ideally the format will have one or two best decks and most of the tier 2 decked will have interesting match ups and have some real options when choosing the 3 you want to bring to SVO’s and other tournaments.

10) Another wonderful year of shadoba in 2022 and much love and thanks to everyone in the community got meet so many awesome people am excited to spend more years playing a children’s card game with yall 

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