The most important ranking in Shadowverse you’ll ever need

by DB Tempest

Okay so hear me out, everyone has their own list of favourite waifus and leaders in Shadowverse (Filene is perfect). But no one remembers the guys. No one remembers the husbandos. That’s what I’m here for, to celebrate their manliness/handsomeness in the most heterosexual way possible. Without further ado, let’s begin.

10. Vampire of Calamity

Okay by the way, this list was written in order. Imagine having a list of top husbandos without ranking them. Here, we have this guy here who somehow doesn’t have a name even though I always thought he did. I mean okay to be fair, I like characters with white hair so there might be some bias there BUT damn do guy characters look really good in the vampire outfit. Kinda sad he didn’t see much play and he’s rotating already though.

9. Basileus, Outworld Invader

Anyone feeling the nostalgia yet? I remember this guy very well, but in a good way. Damn, I miss banishing Sword’s boards and the Portal mirrors. It’s kinda crazy that there were people that were calling for his nerfs but we have cards like Bayleon that exist now – and he doesn’t even have full stats on Evo. But anyway, I really love his evil guy look and I missed when Portal had cards like this that were actually thematic. 

8. Loxis, Homestead Pioneer

I’m quite sure I’m gonna get flamed for not putting him higher on my rankings but I would if I didn’t hate this card so much. Okay so once again, I know he has white hair but damn does he have ikemen vibes. He has such a cool design, and I really love his pose with his cape up in the air that really adds to the vibes. Best part is, he’s looking away from the camera and that really makes him even cooler. Also, he has probably the most iconic and cooler voice lines in the game in my opinion. His voice actor really nailed his lines so well and made him sound so damn handsome (I play with Japanese voices though, never knew how any of the English voice lines sound).

7. Servant of Usurpation

Man, I do miss this card. I remember when Sword was a fair and board-based deck. He has one really cool-looking hoodie which is really mostly why I like his design a lot, though his smug face is kinda rad too. And no, I know there may be people wondering if I chose this card because of his abs but no. Also I never knew he had a bird.

6. Yurius, Traitorous Duke

Ah yes, the Blood card that made the deck really strong pre-nerf and was such a pain to deal with. I was honestly surprised he dodged a nerf, but I guess the other cards were a way bigger problem (I’m talking about ROG Vengeance Blood for those who didn’t play back then). Honestly, his design isn’t exactly outstanding but one of the main reasons he’s placed on my list is because I love his lore. I won’t spoil much here, but let’s just say he did an oopsie to his brother.

5. Grimnir, Voidwrought Wind

I love this Chunibyo so much. I like this version the most though, especially with the blue hues and his pose here. His design didn’t change much from his older version, but I have to say I’m kind of biased because I like his Valentine’s version in Granblue Fantasy, and damn does he look good. 

4. Shuten Doji

Okay so the main reason he’s so high on my list is because I have 3 animated copies of him and I played this deck too damn much when it was in rotation, and damn does he look so good when animated. Even in the normal form, I really like the colour scheme of this art, with all the different shades of blue (especially his sword). His facial expression here really seals the deal, making him look suave and give off ikemen vibes like Loxis.

3. Nicola, Forbidden Strength

This guy is straight up handsome as hell. I actually prefer this version to his latest form, mainly because the background here really makes him stand out. Not just that, his pose (yea I really like characters with sick poses) really fits him well, as a sort of mysterious character that keeps calling himself a monster. His outfit is really well designed too, but of course it’s his silver/gray hair that seals it for me.

 2. Albert, Levin Saber

I don’t need to say much about this guy right? Dude looks so good it makes guys question their sexuality.

1. Maiser, Neighbourhood Hero

Well, some might know that he was bound to be here as my number one. I have to admit, before he was released, Albert was always my favourite character. But Maiser really looks too much like my favourite anime character (Chuuya Nakahara from Bungo Stray Dogs) and damn he has such a really handsome face. I also love his colour scheme so much, with my favourite combination of red/blue/brown/white and damn does he look so good with the way he wears his outerwear. If Cygames ever releases him again though, I really hope they make him wear black or make him look more serious/depressed to match where he is in the story now.

So that’s it for my top husbandos in Shadowverse! I’m sure many of you might disagree with me, but it’s fine to have different opinions anyways. Except well, just know that my rankings are perfect and yours isn’t. 

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